The one course you need to invest in as a hand-lettering artist or as any type artist really

So first up, a quick disclaimer. I earn a small commission if you sign up using my link. Secondly, I’m not being paid to promote this course. I’m doing it cos I recommend it. With that disclosure out of the way let’s get started!

My awesome friend Mye De Leon recently hosted a free 5-Day Hand-Lettering Masterclass. It’s a series of webinar teaching everyone the basic of hand-lettering and it’s just a wealth of information. All. For. Free. Isn’t that crazy generous?

And with the conclusion of that Masterclass, she launched her course Mastering Hand-Lettering.Guys, this is the course you need to learn the the art of hand-lettering and make a living from it.

And here are all the reason why you need to get on board and sign-up now:


There’s a rising demand for hand-lettering and if you are an artist/illustrator like me, it’s always a great idea to develop new skills or hone your techniques, so you can become a better and versatile artist.

And who better to learn from than Mye? She’s been hand-lettering for years and has serious street-cred worth of experience. You’ll learn from her not only the basics of lettering and master the different styles but also how to create works that are so captivating that you’re going to attract lots of attention.


Mye always like to lecture (hehe) tell us that it’s never about the numbers when it comes to social media. and she’s right. You may have a 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 followers on your Instagram account but do these numbers really help you get noticed? Also, you know the social media overlords are forever changing algorithms and it’s as confusing as an IKEA instruction manual to figure out. Well, no more trying to outsmart the algos with what you’ll learn in the course.

And they are the best practices and proven strategies you can use on your social media. That amazing piece of work you spent hours on can finally get the attention it deserves.


If you’re a hobbyist and thinking about how to earn from your art? Well this is it. You’ll not only learn new skills and how to get traction on social media BUT also how to earn from it. Wait, scratch that. You’ll learn how to make a living from it.

Think about it. No more crazy bosses and even crazy long working hours. Instead, hello backpacking adventures and doing what you love. Sound amazing right? Mye will share with you the different ways you can earn an income, get clients and manage your very own business.


I know Mye personally and I know she works hard with a conscientious work ethics and that has taken her to where she is today. I admire her as an artist and as a mother. I’ve learned hand-lettering from her workshop and it was the most jam-packed 3-hours of learning the fundamentals plus plenty of advice, tips and tricks to be a better artist.

Her course, Mastering Hand-Lettering is a product of that hard work and effort. It’s a course that dives deep into everything you need to get started on hand-lettering and how to make a living from it. If you’re ready to invest in yourself as an artist, I recommend that this is the course you should invest in.

You can learn more and sign up for Mastering Hand-Lettering by Mye De Leon.